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Move forward with generosity.

Blue Ridge Risk Partners understands that your non-profit organization operates on a different frequency than other businesses. We know the unique risks and requirements that accompany your services, as well as the importance of sticking to a budget. When it comes to insuring your non-profit organization, it is crucial to cover all your bases with policies that match your price point.

Non-profit insurance policies from our providers may include the following coverages:

  • Property insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • General liability coverage
  • Crime insurance
  • Professional liability coverage
  • And more

Let’s Build Your Plan

We want your organization to educate, shelter, protect, counsel, and advocate to the best of its ability. Don’t let it go unprotected. Blue Ridge Risk Partners is here to serve you with policies that keep it covered, no matter what. Fill out the form below to get started crafting your plan.

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